Bridging Dreams to Reality: Your Journey with IYMUN

Young delegates at an international model united nations conference in Mosul, Iraq

Exploring New Horizons: Global Impact, Personal Growth

At IYMUN, we understand your desires to make a positive impact while developing your skills, and we’re here to turn them into reality. Are you on the lookout for a unique platform that propels you into the world of international relations, diplomacy, and personal development?

Our Approach: Embark on a transformational journey with us, where we bridge the gap between your aspirations and the opportunities that await you. Through meticulously designed Model United Nations conferences, we empower you to make a global impact while nurturing your personal and academic growth.

Your Vision: Global Influence. Our Commitment: A Platform to Illuminate Your Path.

Navigating the Unknown: Seeking Direction, Crafting Solutions

Are you uncertain about where to start or how to channel your ambitions effectively?

Our Approach: We act as your compass, guiding you through the entire process. From understanding your individual needs and aspirations to tailoring specific guidance through your journey as an IYMUN delegate, our mission is to provide clarity, direction, and the perfect platform for your journey.

Your Concern: Lack of Direction. Our Solution: Guided Empowerment.
young delegates having a training in diplomacy at the Iraqi Youth Model United Nations international conference in Mosul, Iraq

Your IYMUN Conference Journey πŸ—ΊοΈ

Before the Conference:

A Confident, Clear, and Well-Prepared Start.

Our Approach: Step into MUN readiness with our pre-conference training and resources. We’re here to seamlessly elevate your confidence, ensuring you articulate your thoughts with poise on the global stage.

Your Vision: Confident Communication of your brilliant ideas. Our Offering: Pre-Conference Confidence Building and academic preparation.
IYMUN delegate listening to diplomatic speeches during a committee session
networking session during an unmoderated caucus to adress topics of international relations

During the Conference:

Meaningful Connections with Diplomats and Peers.

Our Approach: Our conferences transcend mere events; they’re dynamic platforms for fostering connections. Immerse yourself in engaging discussions with diplomats and like-minded individuals, cultivating relationships that extend beyond the conference walls.

Your Vision: Networking Opportunities. Our Offering: Connecting Hearts and Minds.

After the Conference:

Continued Impact and Growth.

Our Approach:

Our commitment extends beyond the conference doors. Stay connected through post-conference resources and become part of a global community dedicated to ongoing impact and development. Your achievements during the conference will be shared with global and local decision-makers.

Your Vision: Sustained Growth. Our Offering: Post-Conference Support and Community.

Iraqi Youth Model United Nations delegates standing next to Canada AMbassador to Iraq

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Don’t just dream it – live it.

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