Nurturing Global Leaders at IYMUN

Welcome to the heart of IYMUN, where we guide you through a journey of empowerment towards your dreams. Let us take you behind the scenes, sharing how our roots have grown into a platform that will redefine your experience on the event day.

Iraqi Youth Model United Nations Founders greeting the Ambassador of France to Iraq

Our Story: From Passion to Purpose

IYMUN is not just an organization; it’s a vision born out of a shared passion for fostering global connections and empowering young minds. Our founders come from of solid background of Model United Nations conferences and youth empowerment initiatives. Fun fact: they even met at a Model UN conference! Driven by a belief in the transformative power of diplomacy and dialogue, they envisioned a platform that would transcend geographical boundaries and guide young people to find their voice and build their skills through Model UN.

The Impact: A Shared Journey of Growth

Our different backgrounds and big dreams all come together at the IYMUN Conference. It’s not just a special day; it’s like a magical start! In the short term, you’ll gain skills, connect with peers, and experience instant growth. Yet, it’s more than an event—it’s a catalyst with lasting impacts. Opening doors to opportunities, this isn’t just a conference; it’s a journey offering immediate benefits and lifelong significance.


Why delve into our story? Because it mirrors yours. Our history isn’t just a narrative; it’s a commitment. On event day, you won’t attend a conference; you’ll experience a crafted journey filled with care, passion, and a sincere wish to see you flourish.

Group picture of delegates, ambassadors and diplomats at the Iraqi Youth Model United Nations conference

The Essence of IYMUN: Fueling your Journey

At our core are Guiding Principles shaping our path:



Our Aspirations: Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow

Our mission transcends conferences; it’s a creation ground for discovering your voice, embracing diverse perspectives, and becoming a catalyst for change. Our Aspirations are your milestones:

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